Target C9 Studio Tour

A recent neighborhood e-newsletter announced that Target was going to be at the Yards Park this past weekend promoting their C9 line of fitness apparel and giving out free stuff! So on Saturday, Mike and I planned to finish our run at the Yards Park, near our apartment, to check out the Target event.

C9 Inflatable Dome

C9 Inflatable Dome

Ambassadors welcomed us to the large inflatable dome housing a variety of C9 apparel. We were given a branded plastic drawstring “backpack” with a C9 lookbook highlighting several new looks for activities such as yoga, golf, and running. I think the first running tank top I ever bought was Champion C9 brand from Target. I also have a bunch of the C9 sports bras which are a great deal! I’ve been a long-time C9 fan.


So inside the dome, we could select a top from a big rack with men, women and kid-sized shirts. There wasn’t a lot of variety but enough and that made choosing a shirt faster and easier.

photo 2-1

Adjustable cinching at the bottom

Adjustable cinching at the bottom

Fancy back straps

Fancy back straps

Mike chose a gray tech t-shirt that looks very similar to the Brooks one he wore for the marathon, minus the Brooks logo.

photo 4

The whole set-up in the dome was clean and organized – very Target with great branding. The ambassadors were friendly and happy to answer questions or check in the back for additional sizes. They were also wearing the tanks and t-shirts being given out so it was helpful to see the styles on someone.

Displays in the dome

Displays in the dome

On the way out, we were given Simply Balanced (a Target brand) fruit chew strips. Nice!

Apparently these events aren’t publicized because Target wants them to be surprise guerilla marketing events. So keep your eyes open for the Target dome in your neighborhood!

I’m excited that Target is expanding their C9 brand to include clothes for activities such as golf and build upon currently being offered yoga and run apparel. There is definitely a market for lower-priced, high quality, attractive fitness clothes.


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