Friday Finds!

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Story Running isn’t really a new thing but I’ve recently learned more about it from my friend who told me about the Runtastic app’s stories. Story running basically shapes a narrative around your workout, typically in interval style by varying the speed and lasts for about 40 minutes on average from Runtastic. Runtastic offers several different story options for $1 each as an add-on to the app. I think this sounds like a lot of fun but $1 seems a bit much for probably a one-time-use story run. This might make more sense as a subscription based fee but there are only if there’s enough in the library. Currently, Runtastic offers just six Story Running narratives for download. It seems like a cool way to add in some extra motivation and fun to your workout, especially on those days when it’s hard to get out the door on your run.

Runtastic's Orbit

Runtastic’s Orbit

All things Runtastic! Runtastic just came out with there own… fitness tracker. So what makes this different from all the others out there on the market? It does all the typical stuff – tracks sleep, counts calories, counts steps, reminds you to move when you’ve been idle too long and is waterproof to 300′. Distinguishing itself from other fitness trackers, the Orbit can act as a running watch and, with bluetooth, syncs up to the Runtastic Me and Runtastic apps. Although the face of the Orbit is small and you have to push a button to cycle through distance, pace, etc., it allows you to run without having to carry your smartphone but still use the Runtastic program to track all your information. Pretty cool! I also love that it comes with two different color wristbands (blue and black) and you can purchase other colors (above) to change the look of your Orbit. It’s $119.99 and will ship August 11th from Runtastic.


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