Friday Finds!

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If you are lucky enough to live near a Dunkin Donuts in a “select market,” you can try out their new pretzel twist! I’m a huge fan of soft pretzels, as you can see from my numerous blog photos of them (one, two, three, four) and running just makes me crave them more. Soft pretzels provide the perfect combo of carbs and salty satisfaction. I haven’t yet tried a Dunkins pretzel twist so I am not endorsing their quality. I’m looking forward to trying one out! Maybe Dunkins will supply them for snacks post New York City Marathon, that they sponsor.

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Cute straps!

Cute straps!

Oiselle has come out with their new fall line! Exciting! I’m not going to post the entire line so here’s one of my favorites: the Chevrona Suspension Shimmel. I love the pattern, cute and different double straps, flattering and comfortable A-line cut, and the built-in compression bra with removable cups. Lauren Fleshman, a professional track & field athlete and co-founder of Picky Bars, is now a model and spokeswoman for Oiselle. I love that real female runners model for Oiselle!


I have the mini Nathan Quickshot that holds 10 oz of water, as well as, a Nathan hydration vest. Last year I used a larger size Nathan (actually IronMan brand…) for all of my marathon training and for the Richmond Marathon itself. I threw it out after the race because it was pretty gross. Anyway, I thought the mini Nathan and the hydration vest would fulfill all of my running hydration needs. But I still have a gap. I’d like something in between for those 8-10 mile runs where a hydration vest is overkill and the Quickshot Plus just isn’t enough water (I drink a lot of water). CitySports is having a big sale right now and I noticed the QuickDraw Plus marked down from $25 to $10! I had an additional discount that brought it down to $8! I’m excited for my QuickDraw Plus -it holds 22 oz of water and the pocket can event fit my iPhone! I’ll provide a review after a few runs with it.


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