GU Salted Caramel Review

I finally found the GU Salted Caramel flavor last week at CitySports that I’ve read such great things. I was pretty excited to have a break from the Accel gels and try out this flavor on our long run this past Saturday. The Accel gels were my first and really only experience with energy gels. I’ve tried out energy chews and waffle cookies during long runs but only Accel for the gel-style. Accel was/is the gel given out during the Richmond Marathon so that’s why Matt, Mike and I decided to train with that brand last year. Although it took a little getting used to, the Accel gels go down pretty easily and taste pretty good (disclaimer: I’ve only had the chocolate and vanilla flavors). Accel is tricky to find in stores so we usually order a big box from

GU, on the other hand, is pretty easy to find in running and sporting goods stores.

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 2.54.29 PM

Although the consistency was VERY different from Accel, the flavor was actually really good. The thick, gummy-like consistency was tough for me to get down, especially being used to Accel’s very liquid-y consistency.

Trying out the new GU - pretty thick

Trying out the new GU – pretty thick

The GU felt like it filled my whole mouth and was sticking to my teeth, like a caramel candy would. I drank much more water with it than I’d typically drink with an Accel gel – probably a good thing though since you’re supposed to drink quite a bit of water with the gels.

Finishing the last bit of the GU

Finishing the last bit of the GU

Though you wouldn’t guess it from my face, the gels did taste just like a melted down version of these:
Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 3.00.50 PM

Pretty tasty, if you can get past the consistency. I think now that I know what to expect I’d enjoy the Salted Caramel GU more next time. It’s always hard to get used to gel, even the Accel gel at first. I did notice a big increase in energy after about 10 minutes of having the GU. My concern would be taking the GU while running. I like how easy it is to throw back the liquid-y Accel gels. Since this is thicker, I feel like I’d need to stop to take it. I think I’ll give this another shot and try it out while actually running (I stopped to take it on Saturday). I’m also interested to try the other new flavors like Root Beer and Salted Watermelon.



  1. I love the GU salted caramel gels, I find they give me a great boost, better than the others I’ve tried. The trick is to take it in in very small increments, kinda let it melt a bit and then swallow it.

    1. I agree – I noticed more of a boost of energy with the GU than with Accel. Good suggestion to take it in small increments – maybe then it’d be easier to take it while running. The flavor is really good!

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