Garmin Customer Service

Having had our Garmin Forerunner GPS watches for just one year now, Mike and I expect them to still be in good condition. However, Mike’s watch band has started peeling off the watch face over the past month. He has used super glue as a temporary solution to hold the watchband on.

Super glue temporary solution

Super glue temporary solution

Last week, I called Garmin’s customer service line to see if they could offer a more permanent solution. After waiting for 35 minutes (yes..35…but they told me that at the beginning) on hold, I was put through to a rep specializing in the GPS watches. I explained the situation, which he said is not uncommon. Apparently sweat and typical wear-and-tear can wear down the binding. He said he’d put a replacement watch band and replacement kit in the mail, free of charge.

In less than a week, we received the replacement kit and band. The kit includes a little instruction book and the tools needed to attach the new band.

photo 2

I’ve very impressed with Garmin’s customer service and how they quickly handled this issue. Although the phone wait time was ridiculously long, once I got connected with a rep, he was fast and efficient in solving the problem. Good to know for future Garmin watch issues (but hopefully there are none!).


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