Lululemon Customer Service

After months of debating what to spend my Lululemon gift card on, I finally decided to buy a hot pink Run Swiftly scoop neck tee in May. I loved the color, the fit, the fabric. I literally wore this shirt just 4 times including on our vacation in Italy hiking in Cinque Terre and for the Baltimore 10-Miler in June.

Matches the calf sleeves perfectly!

Matches the calf sleeves perfectly!

The fourth time I wore it, I got a bunch of snags on the back for no apparent reason! I didn’t rub up against anything or carry anything on my back. This wasn’t just any shirt – it was a pretty expensive Lululemon shirt.

Hard to really tell in the photo - but snags and many spot about to snag

Hard to really tell – but snags and many spot about to snag

So I checked out Lululemon’s website, specifically reviews of the Run Swiftly scoop necks t-shirts and read about other peoples’ experiences with bad snagging. Usually a Lululemon rep responded to call customer service or visit a store to get a replacement shirt.

So the next business day I called the customer service line and was put through immediately to a person. She said I could either mail back the shirt with a prepaid label and have a replacement sent or bring it to a store to have it replaced there or order from the store.

Since I’d be near a store the following day, I opted for the latter option. The employees were friendly at first and said I could choose a tank, tee (scoop or regular) or long-sleeve to replace my damaged shirt. Unfortunately the stores don’t always carry the range of colors offered on the website. I asked the Manager if she could order the pink color online (not the same as the color I had but similar) but she checked and said it was unavailable and told me to choose a top in the store.

I checked on my phone and saw that the pink color Run Swiftly I wanted was actually still available online. I spoke to another employee who ordered it for me to be shipped to me, rather than to the store.

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 9.28.44 AM

I’m disappointed with the poor quality of the material on my first Run Swiftly scoop tee, especially for the price point and after all the bad PR Lululemon has received in past years regarding quality-issues. I’m impressed with how quickly the customer service rep agreed to replace it but there was a great deal of confusion in the store about the replacement options. Overall, glad I have a new shirt and hope this doesn’t happen again!


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