Friday Finds!

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Under Armour recently came out with the Get Going run shorts for women. I tried these on last week at CitySports and loved them! They reminded me of the Nike Rival shorts but with a little stiffer material. But at $35, these shorts are significantly less expensive than the Nike Rival and many other running shorts. The colors and patterns are different and fun. I love the soft waistband, the length and the size of the leg opening (not restricting). I’ll likely buy a pair of these in the near future!

Strong yet feminine

Strong yet feminine

So cute!  Love the new UA leggings and tights!

So cute! Love the new UA leggings and tights!

Pretty tank top by UA

Pretty tank top by UA

Going with the Under Armour theme, UA has kicked off their Womanifesto I Will What I Want campaign with spokeswomen such as Gisele and Lindsay Vonn. The brand is expanding on and focusing on its women’s apparel, especially its athleisure style apparel, going after companies such as Lululemon and Nike. Their new yoga leggings, capris and shorts incorporate fun and fashionable prints such as camo and ombre. The tops have feminine and stylish details with multiple straps and flattering cuts. And finally Under Armour offers sports bras in colors besides black and white! Plus their new sports bras seem less expensive, in general, than many competitors’ styles.


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