Rock ‘n Roll DC Kick-off at PR Running

The Potomac River Running store in downtown DC, last week, hosted the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon series kick-off event for DC’s March race during their own run club. We read on Facebook that there would be raffles and other fun stuff so we built the run club into our Wednesday long run.

Now, with the days getting shorter, we could only really get extra miles in before the 6:30 pm run. Mike and I ran to the Lincoln Memorial and then through downtown DC to the PR store, getting in about 5 miles and making it just in time for the run club.

We were surprised to see so many people – about 20 – since the previous 3 times there have only been 3-5 of us. This is a fairly new store but the only running store in the downtown core of the city. Two Rock ‘n Roll reps were there from San Diego, staffing a table by the front of the small store, and one led the 3 mile run following a map supplied by PR store.

The route took us on city streets rather than on the National Mall and it was difficult to keep the group together with all the lights. So the Rock ‘n Roll rep and Mike came up with a route to avoid the downtown congestion and keep the group together on the National Mall for about 3 miles. The group ranged in age from mid-20s to mid-60s, including people from DC as well as people on travel for work. As fall race season is approaching, it was interesting to hear what races everyone is training for and share our own stories. There’s just an instant connection with other runners.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 3.53.24 PMScreen Shot 2014-09-14 at 3.53.09 PM

Back at the store, we picked up our raffle tickets, ate some delicious hummus and drank Gatorade and Michelob Ultra provided by RnR.

photo 1-2

The reps walked around handing out free t-shirts for run clubbers. AWESOME. Rock ‘n Roll has rebranded the DC race to “DC” rather than “USA” and it’s clearly reflected in the t-shirt design. There were both men and women’s sizes in Next Level brand – very soft! Great surprise. Then it was time for the raffle. About six prizes were given out (we, sadly, didn’t win) including compression socks, training guides, water bottles, any pair of Brooks sneakers (!) and a complementary entry to the DC Rock ‘n Roll race in March 2015! For those of us who didn’t get the comp’ed entry, we could still use the registration code for $65 race entry – not bad!

Love the t-shirt!

Love the t-shirt!

So check out to see if and when Rock ‘n Roll Marathon series may be hosting a launch event in your city!


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  1. […] cheap race. We did get free Next Level brand t-shirts, similar to the free ones we received at the DC Rock ‘n Roll kick-off event at Potomac River Running (although didn’t need to register there to get a free tee) but with more subtle […]

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