Friday Finds!

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Stonyfield has recently come out with Petite Creme which stands out from the other yogurts in the aisle because of its distinctive black packaging. Petite Creme is going up against its Greek yogurt competitors by offering a yogurt that’s less tart and less thick than the popular Greek style. Petite Creme actually isn’t yogurt at all but an organic cheese, high in protein and very creamy. I can attest that Petite Creme doesn’t taste like cheese but rather a less tart and more sweet, creamy version of Greek yogurt. I also find its high protein very appealing, especially during marathon training. I prefer my Petite Creme (have only tried vanilla) as a mid-afternoon snack.

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Referenced in a recent Wall Street Journal article on running form, Sensoria socks by Sensoria Fitness provide data on your foot landing to help improve your running stride and prevent injuries. At $149, a pair of smart socks is not cheap; however, if these can help prevent injuries, you might be saving time and money in the long run. The socks come with an anklet and feed realtime data to an app via Bluetooth (there’s no memory storage in the socks) on cadence, foot landing technique and weight distribution. The downside is that you’d have to run with your phone on you in order to get the data fed from the socks to the app. Pretty cool technology though!


I love this upbeat song by Andy Grammer, as originally heard on Spotify’s “Have a Great Day” playlist. This is a great long distance running song with a consistent, peppy beat.


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