When to Replace Running Sneakers

It’s always hard to know when to replace your running sneakers. The general rule is after 300-500 miles, which is quite a range! It’s also hard to keep track unless you use a run tracker (Nike+, Garmin, etc.) or log your miles by hand. There’s no hard and fast rule because the time to change your running sneakers depends on so many factors including your running style, speed, sneakers, etc.

For marathon training, many running specialists suggest replacing your sneakers about 50-60 miles before the marathon to allow time to break in the new pair.

Because sneakers wear down at such a gradual rate, it’s often hard, at least for me, to tell when I need to replace them based on feel alone. But usually once I put on the new pair, I realize just how much the cushioning and tread on my previous pair had worn down.

old on left, new on right

old on left, new on right

I replaced my sneakers today on a drop-back week to allow some breaking-in before the 22-miler in a little over a week. Though not very exciting, I bought the same exact pair of Saucony Omni 12 sneakers on amazon; Amazon even had a pop up notification alerting me that I had already bought these same exact sneakers. I’ve found that “last year’s model” sneaker is often significantly less expensive than the current year’s model. I almost went with the current model just for a change of color but I realized, for me, a different color isn’t worth the $40 extra.

The sneakers felt great on today’s 3-mile slower pace run! They feel so much more supportive and stable. Switching my sneakers out makes Richmond Marathon feel SO close – just about a month away!


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