Friday Finds!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.32.54 AMNew this year, Rock ‘n Roll DC, is offering personalized bibs! Runners can customize their bib however they wish, such as having something inspirational, funny or just their names printed on it. I found having our names on our Richmond Marathon bibs made a huge difference since spectators actually cheered us on by name.
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.45.13 AMRoad ID has recently come out with Glow in the Dark slim wristbands. The bands themselves are just $1.99 but the ID tag that slides on is an additional fee. This is a great idea to give runners a little extra glow during those early morning and evening runs. The colors aren’t clearly labeled on the website so you don’t actually know the color name until after you add it to your cart. I’ve highlighted the Glow in the Dark color in a red outline.
photo-2I love One Republic’s song I Lived. I think it might be my marathon ballad for this year. Last year my song was Pumpin’ Blood by NONONO and, whenever I hear it now, I always think of the Richmond Marathon. I like tying memories to music. The beat and lyrics in this song are great!
Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 11.11.46 AM Surprisingly delicious, these seasonal Oreos taste just like caramel apples! But they are just available for a limited time so be sure to look for them soon before they are off the shelves.


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