Lululemon Run Times Shorts Review

I’m an extremely picky running shorts person. I’ve previously reviewed Nike Rival shorts and Athleta Pulse shorts, favorites of mine. My ultimate favorite shorts, Lululemon Pace shorts, have been discontinued, sadly. As far as other Lululemon shorts, I’ve found that the popular Lululemon Speed shorts style don’t have enough room around my legs for them to stride comfortably and don’t offer enough coverage.

Run Times

Run Times

Lululemon Run Times shorts came out this summer, offering a longer inseam, 4″, than most Lululemon shorts. I actually sized up on these shorts to have more room around my legs and so that the waistband would ride lower on my waist, a personal preference.

With a slim fit, these shorts are flattering while still offering coverage and a longer length. The lightweight fabric dries quickly and the shorts don’t ride up. I love the yoga-style waistbands (there’s no going back to the wrinkly-style once you try the yoga-style) and the Run Times shorts also have a small pocket hidden in the front of the waistband and a zip pocket in the back, large enough to hold an iPhone 5! They also come in cute colors and designs (my color has been discontinued).

I think, for me, my only complaint is that I’m a bit in between sizes so couldn’t achieve the perfect fit with these shorts. I’d prefer a bit bigger rather than smaller feel with shorts, but the bigger size has them riding lower on my waist, leading to their being longer on my legs. I do really like these shorts – they are comfortable, soft and lightweight, offering one of the best yoga-style waistbands out there. I do wish Lululemon offered shorts with a length (3″) in between the Speed shorts and the Run Times lengths. If you are interested in these shorts, I’d highly recommend trying them on prior to purchasing, as they seem to fit a bit differently than other Lululemon bottoms.

Wearing Run Times during Annapolis 10 miler

Wearing Run Times during Annapolis 10 miler


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