Balega Women’s Enduro No Show Socks Review

Unlike all other Balega socks, these socks are specifically made for women. With a noticeably more narrow fit, I found these socks to fit my foot a bit more snugly than my other Balega socks (Blister Resist, Hidden Contour), specifically in the toe box area. I absolutely love all of my Balega socks so was confident that trying out a new style would not disappoint.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.26.31 AM

Balega packaging displays an easy-to-read chart illustrating the cushioning and volume level. This is an easy way to compare different styles of socks. The Enduro No Show have slightly less cushioning than the Blister Resist but about the same volume. I do like the slim fit of these socks but also the still fairly high level of plush cushioning under the sole.

photo 2-2

My previous review of Balega socks goes into the details of what makes Balega running socks special and so great! Balega offers many levels of cushioning and volume to appeal to a variety of preferences. I like more cushioning in socks while Matt and Mike prefer thinner, second-skin style Balega socks.

I’ve found these socks keep my feet warm in cold weather (and my feet are always cold!) and cool in hot weather. I’ve worn them during rainy runs, including the Richmond Marathon, and have gotten zero blisters. Balega owes this to the Drynamix moisture management yarn technology incorporated in all of their socks.

Other key features of Balega socks include the extra deep heel pocket to prevent the sock from slipping down and a hand-linked, seamless toe to provide maximum comfort, reducing friction and rubbing. I’d highly recommend Balega socks to all runners. I wish I’d discovered them sooner than just a year ago because now Balega is really all I wear!

Cute little runners on the socks

Cute little runners on the socks


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