Pacers Clarendon Run Club

Pacers, a local DC/VA running store chain, recently updated their logo and website. I love the new rebranding!

Old logo

Old logo

New logo

New logo

Pacers posted on Twitter recently that if you show up to a run club last week or this week wearing a Pacers old logo t-shirt, you could get a new Pacers logo shirt! Mike and I have been wanting to try out a Pacers Run Club so we decided this would be a good incentive. Pacers stores aren’t very convenient to where we live in DC, which is why we haven’t participated in any of their run clubs. The DC store in Logan Circle isn’t very close to a Metro and the Virginia stores require our battling rush hour traffic to get there for an after work run club. I do wish we lived closer to a Pacers so I could take advantage of the fun runs! Pacers offers runs at all their stores several times a week in both the morning and evening. Pacers also hosts a Joggers & Lagers run club in partnership with Port City Brewery, that Mike and I tried one Monday night.

We decided to do the Clarendon Tuesday night Fun Run at 7 pm. It was unseasonably warm in DC on Tuesday so I was fine wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. But I rarely run in the dark and forgot to wear reflective clothing. I’m glad the store brought out a bin with a variety of lights for run clubbers to wear from snap-bracelet style to clip-ons.

Luckily, we found street parking near the store. I carried my water bottle so I could put our IDs/credit cards/phones in the pouch rather than leaving it all in the car on the street. We only had about 15 minutes to kill before the start of run club and were clearly the first ones there. Pacers has a great selection of running clothes/gear/socks so I could easily spend 15 minutes browsing. We showed an employee our old logo t-shirts we were wearing and she gave us A4 brand t-shirts featuring the new Pacers logo.

photo 2-3photo 1-2

Hema led the run club and spotted us as newbies so introduced herself and quickly explained the route. There were about 10 other people, which, I learned is a small group compared to the usual turnout of 20+ runners. Hema thought runners may be taking the day/week off if they ran the Marine Corps Marathon the week before. Although everyone else seemed like they were regulars and knew each other well, they introduced themselves and were very friendly and interested to learn more about us and hear about our runs. The great thing about run clubs is that everyone has something in common so it’s pretty easy to make small talk and get to know people. I’ve also enjoyed learning from other runners – what their favorite gels are, best races they’ve done, other tips, etc.

By 7 pm, it was DARK out. I was slightly concerned Mike or I would twist our ankle or get injured somehow so close to the marathon. We took it slow both to be safe and because our legs still felt pretty heavy from the weekend’s 22-miler. The run club split up with faster runners moving ahead and slower runners chatting in the rear. The route was an out-and-back so we could turn around anytime if we didn’t want to go the full 2.3 miles out.

We ran to the Custis trail which is where we ran this past Saturday. We had to watch out for uneven sidewalks and leaves on the way to the trail, but once we were on the trail, the path was clear and open. We turned around at 2.3 miles, a point where the trail crosses a major road, and headed back to the store. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re chatting with other runners. I couldn’t believe we had run over 4 miles!

I forgot to turn on my watch before the run club started to let it get the GPS signal, so my watch didn’t sync until almost the turnaround point. But you can still see the course below.Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 3.12.47 PM
Overall a great fun run! This Pacers run seems very established with the same group of people coming every time; however everyone was so friendly and welcoming to us newcomers! I wish we lived closer to the store so I could attend all the fun runs. Hema sent an email to all run clubbers after the run thanking us for coming and letting us know about Thursday’s Halloween theme fun run. They seem to do a lot of events such as happy hours afterwards and theme runs, giveaways and contests, and also have companies such as Brooks and Nike come do demos and let runners try out their new sneakers. I’d highly recommend this run club if you live in the DC/VA area!


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