Friday Finds!

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 8.37.08 AMZensah has recently come out with a camouflage calf sleeves! Offered in four colors, these calf sleeves are pretty stylish right now. This could be a great way to stand out during a race, helping family/friends who are spectating to spot you quickly.
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.07.12 AM I realize I keep changing my Richmond Marathon song. My Richmond Marathon song is the song that I put on my playlist several times so that I’ll always associate it with the Richmond Marathon. I actually do this for most races; I like tying memories to music. Anyway, my top song is now Ghost by Ella Henderson (2 and 3 are Geronimo and Live Again, both on previous Friday Finds). I love the beat of this song and how it gradually picks up. I also like how you can clearly hear the lyrics (I like singing along to songs in my head when I’m running).
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.10.21 AM I just spotted Chobani Oats yogurt in our local Harris Teeter. I’m not a huge fan of yogurt just on its own; I like to mix in something to add a little texture to it. I can’t wait to try out the Chobani Oats yogurt that combines steel cut oats, real maple syrup and greek yogurt for a breakfast high in protein and whole grains. Sounds delicious!


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