Marathon Training Week 18 Recap

We are officially in taper time and it feels great! Last year, due to tendonitis, I completely stopped running after our 20-miler so I never really tapered.

Monday – P90X YogaX

Tuesday – 4.26 miles at 9:47 min/mile pace (plan called for 3 miles at 10:18 min/mile)
Mike and I ran with the Pacers run club in Clarendon. My GPS watch didn’t sync on until about halfway through the run, so I used Mike’s stats.

Wednesday – 6.13 miles (plan called for 5.5 miles at 8:32 min/mile)
I’m surprised I ran so fast on this taper run, especially since we had run with the run club about 14 hours earlier! I knew we had a shorter long run this week so felt up for pushing a bit on the shorter run.
Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.15.45 AM

Thursday – P90X YogaX

Friday – 11 race-pace (plan called for 8:32 min/mile)
Mike and I decided to run on Friday rather than Saturday because of the freezing cold and wind predicted for Saturday. We ran a random route through DC, heading up to Georgetown, to P Street and straight over to Pacers Running Store in Logan Circle where I needed to exchange a shirt. The hydration packs come in handy when you have errands to run! We then ran down 14th Street to see the decorated White House!photo-10
Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.19.09 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 8.18.54 AM

Saturday – REST

Sunday – REST



  1. Love the White House picture! Your times are really fast.

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