Polar Vortex for the Richmond Marathon

I have broken a marathon rule. I bought a new shirt this week and a new pair of long pants last weekend. The first time I wear both will be for the Richmond Marathon.
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.11.29 AM
An Arctic Chill will be hitting the East Coast this week, beginning around Thursday and lasting through the weekend. The low in Richmond on Saturday is predicted to be 29 degrees and the high 47 degrees. COLD. I have never run 26.2 miles in temperatures like that. I really don’t like running in pants but I think I’m going to have to. I had figured I’d just wear my capris if the weather was going to be cold. But this is too cold for capris, at least for me! My Under Armour running pants from 2010 desperately needed to be retired. Last weekend, I bought a pair of Nike Epic run tights at Potomac River Running, with one of the gift cards I need to use before we move. Perfect!
Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 9.13.25 AM
The only running pants I’ve ever tried on have been my UA pants. But these Nike pants are awesome! I’ll be sure to do a review after the marathon. They are extremely comfortable, soft and warm. It almost feels like I’m not wearing pants! Also, I LOVE that the waistband is thick and low, like waistband on my favorite Nike Rival shorts.

So a shirt…All my long sleeve shirts are pretty warm and heavy. I think they’ll be too warm for 4 hours of running, especially since it’ll be sunny in Richmond. I do have some lighter long-sleeves but really would like a shirt to come up on my neck a bit. Keeping my neck warm is key to keeping my cold weather asthma in check. I’ll also be carrying my inhaler in case of a coughing attack, which tends to happen when I breath in cold air. I decided on the Nike Element Half Zip. It’s incredibly soft, extends below my wrist with thumbholes, and the half zip allows me to keep my neck covered when needed and then unzip to regulate my temp. I haven’t decided on wearing a shirt underneath. If I do, I’ll wear my Lululemon run swiftly short-sleeve crewneck.

Nike element half zip (mine is a heathered pink)

Nike element half zip (mine is a heathered pink)

We have been lucky with our training runs, having pretty perfect weather minus one rainy day. The pro is that we haven’t had to deal with cold, wind, heat, or much rain. The con is that a long run (marathon) in the cold will be new to us. Positives: cold is better than heat; it won’t be windy; the sun will be shining!


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