Exploring Cary’s Greenways

During our first week in North Carolina, Mike and I ran the Ridgewood Turkey Trot (our first post-marathon run) and then did a short run the following Sunday around our new neighborhood. We’re renting an apartment in Cary, NC, a suburb of Raleigh, that’s full of Greenway trails. The trails criss-cross around the area, even connecting to other towns and cities, and run for miles and miles. A Greenway, according to Cary’s website, is a linear parcel to preserve open space, usually along floodplain areas unsuited for development. Greenway entrance in Cary are highlighted by these large signs:
photo 4-4
I’ve found it’s kind of like a treasure hunt to try to spot them. The trails bring you to beautiful areas where you feels miles from development. I downloaded the “RGreenway” app for Greenways around the entire Raleigh area. I’d highly recommend it! I’ve used it on every Greenway run (3 so far) and found it very useful. The app pulls up a map showing where you are and where area Greenways are, with a short description of the Greenways, including distance and sights. You can zoom out to scope out the whole system and plan your route. On the app, you can also track your distance, check out the current weather including wind and humidity and submit a Greenway issue.

So our first run went… OK. I was feeling tired and sluggish. It felt like a struggle to just run 4 miles; how did I run a marathon a few weeks back!? We took our time (I forgot to stop my watch while we stopped at mile 4) and explored a little bit of White Oak Greenway. Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.22.11 PM

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.22.49 PMMany of the roads in Cary, even 4-lane roads, have nice, wide sidewalks along them. Also, it’s hilly around this area! Quite a change from DC!
Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 1.22.36 PM

Hills on Davis Drive

Hills on Davis Drive

We ran along Davis Drive and planned to turn left to access the Black Creek Greenway. I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t recheck my app, so we missed the turn. When we did check the app, we noticed we passed it so decided to explore a Greenway right off the other side of Davis Drive, White Oak Greenway. Park Village Greenway, specifically, is a 0.6 mile spur that connects Davis Drive to two other Greenways.

Found the entrance!

Found the entrance!

Once we entered the Greenway, it was instant peace. We saw a few people walking their dogs and some kids riding bikes but, other than that, it was pretty quiet and relaxing. The trail wound behind houses and by this pretty pond with a cool fountain and a playground for kids. photo 5

It was such a wide, well maintained trail with great signage. When we entered, there was a map with where we were on the Greenway system and Greenway trail rules.

Great signage!

Great signage!

You have to pay attention to mileage to determine where to turn around since it seems you could literally go for miles and miles and miles. I wanted to explore more but it was getting dark out and we were both getting tired. Where did that marathon endurance go? Though the majority of our shortish run was along Davis Drive, we were glad to have some Greenway experience and are excited to run on more Cary Greenways!
Our first, of many, Greenway runs!

Our first, of many, Greenway runs!



  1. The Greenway concept sounds and looks great. Like a rolling, never-ending park, And the pictures are so appealing. Great blog.

    1. Thanks very much!

  2. […] Mike and I moved to Cary, NC at the end of November, we were excited to explore the area Greenways, wide paved pathways that snake all over the area. Although we still enjoy exploring new trails, […]

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