Nuunbassador 2015!

Yesterday I received an email from Nuun, congratulating me on being selected as a Nuun ambassador for 2015! I applied last month on Nuun’s website by filling out several short answer questions about myself, my blog, my accomplishments, and my love for Nuun! I’m so excited to be representing the Nuun brand through events, social media and various marketing opportunities this year.
I discovered Nuun hydration tablets during the fall of 2013, while marathon training. I tried a sample at the Marine Corps Marathon expo and was hooked! Since then, I almost always have Nuun in my water bottle or hydration vest. Prior to marathon training, I never used or really understood the need for sports drinks for training. I actually never really liked the sticky, sweet taste of many popular sports drinks and they often bother my very sensitive stomach.

First Nuun sampler - October 2013

First Nuun sampler – October 2013

Although I started using Nuun during long training runs to replenish electrolytes, I realized how much better I felt drinking Nuun over plain water for shorter runs too. Nuun also tastes better than plain water, especially while running, so I’ll reach for my water bottle more often and stay better hydrated. Each Nuun canister contains 12 tablets that can easily be broken in half. One tablet is recommended for 16 oz (a typical water bottle or glass) of water. I like to play around with the concentration. Sometimes I just want a slight flavor for a shorter run so will pop half a tablet into my Nathan water bottle. Last year (2013), during my first marathon, I carried a hand-held water bottle and also Nuun tablets in a zip-loc bag. I could make myself an instant sports drink after getting my bottle refilled at a water stop! I never experienced any cramping or feelings of dehydration.

Running in the Richmond Marathon 2013 with my noun-filled water bottle

Running in the Richmond Marathon 2013 with my noun-filled water bottle

Along with using Nuun during runs, I also like to drink Nuun a day or two before a long run, as well as, after a run for recovery. Nuun offers “Nuun All Day Hydration” packed with important vitamins (delicious – love them) and “U Natural Hydration” (need to try!).Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.16.20 AMScreen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.16.28 AM

Nuun is unique from other electrolyte beverages in that electrolyte replacements are separated from carbohydrates, resulting in a sugar-free, dissolving tablet. I find it much easier on my stomach and I like to be able to regulate the intensity of flavor. Speaking of Nuun flavors, Nuun comes in about 19 flavors! When I first discovered Nuun last year, I purchased a 4 canister variety pack so I could always mix up my flavor and try several out. My favorites are: Kona Cola, Lemon + Lime and Lemonade, in that order. Some flavors such as Kona Cola and the Nuun Energy line come with added caffeine (used Kona Cola during the Richmond Marathon 2014). Nuun is also good for your waistline at only 8 calories per tablet!

My favorite!

My favorite!

As a Nuunbassador, I’ll be keeping you posted on exciting Nuun news, including new products and events! I’ll also have my bio posted on Nuun’s website and represent Nuun at various races and events. I’m looking forward to spreading my love for Nuun!



  1. Congratulations on your selection as a Nunnbassador! Nun has made a smart selection!

    1. Thanks very much!!

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