Monthly Archives: January 2015

Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh Kick-off: We Met Meb!

About a month ago, Runologie announced during its Tuesday night run club, that they’d be hosting the Rock ‘n Roll Raleigh kick-off event with Meb Keflezighi as a special guest! Meb won the Boston Marathon in 2014, among many other accomplishments, and is a Rock ‘n Roll Marathon Series spokesperson. The special event was held […]

First Long Run Since the Richmond Marathon

Although Mike and I have kept up a pretty regular running schedule, we haven’t run any farther than 8 miles since the Richmond Marathon in November. We usually try to run 5 miles on Sundays with Big Boss Brewing Run Club, 4 miles on Wednesday with Blue Run Club, and 5 miles on Thursday with […]

Exploring Cary’s Greenways: White Oak Creek Greenway

When Mike and I moved to Cary, NC at the end of November, we were excited to explore the area Greenways, wide paved pathways that snake all over the area. Although we still enjoy exploring new trails, we’ve been searching for a solid 5 or 6 mile loop. One of my early exploration runs on […]

Lululemon Fluffed Up Vest Review

Growing up in upstate NY, I never really understood vests for cold weather. It was always just too cold to even have a vest as an option (at least for me!). Now living in North Carolina, I realize the importance of a vest for winter days when you don’t want or need the bulk of […]

Salming Sneakers: Running Naturally

Mike and I had the opportunity to run in Salming sneakers during Runologie’s first Thursday run club. I had never heard of this brand but the new running store, Runologie in Raleigh, tends to carry non-mainstream running brands. It turns out that the North American headquarters for Salming, based in Sweden, is in Raleigh, NC! […]

Lululemon Run With Me Ear Warmer

Keeping my ears warm is extremely important for my cold weather running. I’ve been very happy with my Saucony earband but found that it kept riding up over my ears during the Richmond Marathon. It wasn’t incredibly annoying but I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a wider ear band that would cover more of […]

Running in Savannah, GA

Mike and I really enjoying running in new cities, as a way to both see sights and get in exercise. We visited Savannah, GA for four days in between Christmas and New Year’s – just about a 5 hour drive from our new home, Raleigh, NC. Our first day, we walked all over the city, […]