Skechers Sneakers Review

When you think of Skechers, do you think of running sneakers? I didn’t until last year. Ever since Meb won the Boston Marathon last year wearing Skechers sneakers, Mike and I have been wanting to give them a try. The newish running store, Runologie, in downtown Raleigh carries non-mainstream brands of running sneakers and apparel, with their motto “Find Your Niche” prominent on a main wall. Runologie has been bringing in reps for some of these brands so runners can try the sneakers out during Thursday night run clubs. It’s great to have the opportunity to get a better feel for sneakers on a 3-5 mile run than just trying them on in a store. Mike and I tried out the Salming sneakers, a Swedish brand, a few weeks ago. Salming brought one style of their running sneakers so Mike and I were surprised to see several options from Skechers last week.

(The leg in the background is Mike's - doing core work post-run...I skipped core work this week...)

(The leg in the background is Mike’s – doing core work post-run…I skipped core work this week…)

I don’t know a lot about Skechers running sneakers so relied on the sales representative to provide a recommendation. Although my current Saucony Omni sneakers are heavy on the support and cushion, I’m open to trying something new that offers a more natural running experience (like the Salming’s!). Although I was interested to try out the “GOMeb” sneakers that Meb wore during the Boston Marathon, I probably won’t buy a speed shoe for my next pair of sneakers. I decided on a pair I might actually buy, the GORun Ride, that offer a little more cushion than the GOMeb. Mike tried the guy’s version of the GORun Ride. Skechers sneakers, not surprisingly, come in cool, bright colors!
GORun Ride

GORun Ride

The first thing I noticed was how cushiony, light and soft the GORun Ride’s felt! It almost felt like I had a memory foam rug under my feet. The sneakers felt much more flexible, with much less structure, than my Saucony Omnis and the Salmings. They reminded me a bit of my Nike Frees that I wear for non-running activities (general gym or just walking) but with much more cushioning. It was a little hard to get used to running in these since they are just so different from what I’m used to.
photo 2-15
Overall, I think this model was too much shoe for me. They felt, although light, a little wide. They were the right size but still felt kind of loose. Around mile 3 out of 5, I started to feel pain in my arches. Either they just take some getting used to or I simply need a little more support. Back at the store, the representative wanted to hear our impressions. Mike and another runner also had the same feeling that these felt like too much shoe. The representative suggested we try on the GORun 4 style. I immediately preferred these to the GORun Ride’s. They still felt very light but had more structure and were more form-fitting. The cushioning felt less than the GORun Ride’s but they still felt comfortable.

I could see replacing my Saucony Omni’s with the GORun’s. At $100, the GORun 4’s are not cheap but also not overly expensive for running sneakers. The GORun Ride’s are less at $85. The representative also told us Skechers will be coming out with a support shoe in March. I’m impressed with the variety of styles offer by Skechers, styles that are actually very noticeably different from each other. Styles by some brands, I’ve found, are hard to differentiate between.

GO Run

GO Run



  1. I never would have thought of buying Skecher’s either. Thanks for your review! I stumbled upon your blog today while looking up race recaps of the Baltimore 10 Miler. Glad to have found you!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was impressed with Skechers – so many varieties so something for everyone. AND great colors 🙂 Are you thinking of doing Baltimore 10 Miler? It’s GREAT – highly recommend. Only downside is that it can be pretty hot…

      1. I’m actually already registered for the 10 Miler – I signed up for the King Crab Challenge. Yeah, I’ve heard it can be hot, but they have a sweet premium!

      2. Awesome! My brother ran Frederick last year and really enjoyed it. Have a great race! Agree – so worth it for the premium 🙂

  2. Yeah I never think of Sketchers as running shoes. I’d like to try them someday though.

    1. Yeah, they don’t seem to do much advertising! Let me know if you try them out and what you think!

  3. […] decided to go with (drumroll…) Skechers! We both liked how it felt running in Skechers during Runologie’s Skechers demo day. We both planned on going with the GORun 4 style that offers a low heel-toe drop, flexibility and […]

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