Newtons and Nuunaritas

Last Thursday, Runologie hosted a “Newtons and Nuunaritas” sneaker demo night during their run club. The Newton rep looked at the sneakers Mike and I were wearing and, from that observation, recommended a style of Newtons for us to try out. For me, he chose the Kismet which offers some stability. Prior the the run club, I didn’t know much about Newton brand sneakers. Other than at Runologie, I’ve only really seen them featured at big race expo booths.

Mike chatting with a Newton rep in front of Runologie

Mike chatting with a Newton rep in front of Runologie

Newtons don’t stand out like some of the other sneakers do on Runologie’s sneaker wall. They aren’t as cushiony as the Hokas, as wide as the Altras, as streamlined as the Salmings, or as neon as the Skechers. But that’s what makes Newtons great. Newtons don’t offer any one feature in the extreme but offer still have a wide-ish toe box for toe mobility, a low heel-toe drop, and are lightweight and minimal.
The Kismet is designed for everyday running and racing, offering functional stability. With a heel-toe drop of just 4.5 mm, the Kismet offered just enough cushioning for me while still feeling so lightweight. The website describes the level of cushioning well as “peppy,” which is exactly how I felt! All of Newton’s shoe technology is described by acronyms I don’t really understand such as P.O.P.2 platform, s.h.a.r.c. (super high abrasion rubber compound), and e.m.b. platform. You really have to run in these shoes to experience them.

Honestly, besides the pep in my stride, I didn’t think about the sneakers too much while I ran. And I think that’s a good thing! I loved the perfect amount of cushioning and support, the low heel-toe drop, and especially the wide-ish toe box. I forgot I was wearing sneakers! I know I tend to rave about most sneakers I try out during demo nights, but I think the fact that I didn’t even think about these much during my run is testament to how awesome they are. Additionally, I love the color options for Newton sneakers.
Also, I ran faster than I have in awhile for a run club despite the 90 degree heat!
Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.58.23 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-14 at 7.58.34 PM
Nuunaritas and regular nuun were waiting for us when we returned to the store! Simple to make, nuunaritas require just lemon-lime nuun (full of electrolytes and low on sugar), tequila and lime juice.

Nuunaritas at Runologie

Nuunaritas at Runologie

Extremely sweaty after the 90 degree run - nuunarita hits the spot!

Extremely sweaty after the 90 degree run – nuunarita hits the spot!



  1. I have yet to mix Nuun with any alcohol, but a Nuunarita sounds really good!

    1. That was my first time having a nuun cocktail – pretty delicious! Not too sweet which I like 🙂

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