Some big news!

After a long blogging hiatus, I’m back. And with some exciting news! We’re expecting a baby in June!

I had planned on taking a break from the blog. I started this blog in 2013 to chronicle training for my/our first marathon. Over the course of those four months of training, my husband, brother and I experienced many highs and lows including a range of injuries, personal bests, and reaching our farthest distances. But most importantly, we learned a tremendous amount and conquered challenges, both big and small, during that time. Keeping track of my workouts and progress on the blog helped me feel accountable, serving as a source of motivation. Having a plan and simply knowing I’d be writing down my workouts, encouraged me not to skip a training day or take it easy. Sounds simple but that small act made a big difference! That brings me to today.

Since I’m not training for any big races or shooting for any PRs, I wasn’t sure what I’d blog about. Quite frankly, I am not sure what running will look like for me over the course of the next five months. I hope to get on a running routine and continue running as long as I’m comfortable (also incorporating strength training and yoga).

I thought when I’d become pregnant, I’d drink my kale smoothies every morning, continue working out and easily deal with any nausea or tiredness. I often get motion-sick and usually feel better with Orbit Peppermint gum – how much worse could pregnancy nausea be?! And doesn’t running give you energy? Perfect way to combat tiredness. I was very wrong – about all of the above. The first 3-4ish months consisted of my feeling nauseous all day long, getting worse as the day went on. After work, I could muster only enough energy to change into PJs at 5 pm and lay on our couch until 7:30, usually falling asleep by 8 pm. Exercise wasn’t happening. As for food, I didn’t want to go near vegetables, fruit and most meat. What’d that leave me with? Lots of carbs. And milkshakes.

But now I’m feeling much better! And ready to get back into an exercise routine. I think it’s hard for anyone to get back into exercising after taking such a long break. The cold and short days don’t help either. But I feel so much better after working out. I think setting a plan at the beginning of each week will help me stick to a schedule – e.g. P90X arms on Monday, YogaX on Tuesday, Run 3 miles on Wednesday, etc… Additionally, writing down what I actually did will help me feel accountable.

Next week’s post will include running milestones from the past few months. I was able to run occasionally during the first trimester but I was surprised at how different running had suddenly become!


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