First Trimester Running Milestones

I didn’t run a whole lot during my first trimester due to nausea and fatigue. I listened to my body and rested A LOT. When I was able to get out running, I was surprised how different it felt. The runs I did get in felt good – I felt like myself. But my pace slowed down a lot and hills presented a whole new challenge. Even though running is quite a bit different now, I’m setting new goals (regular exercise) and am grateful to still be able to run.*

Sunday, Oct. 11
5 weeks
Unsuccessful 8 mile training run
7.7 miles at 8:44 pace
This is the run when I realized running was going to be very different going forward. In preparation for the following week’s half marathon, Mike and I planned on doing an 8 mile training run. Our training had been going really well with both of us improving our pace, hopeful we’d PR during the half marathon. I figured it was still early enough in my pregnancy, that I’d feel fine. Good thing I did this training run because I quickly realized the half marathon wasn’t going to happen. I felt sluggish, light-headed and nauseous during the run.

Sunday, Oct. 18
6 weeks
Bull City Race Fest
6 miles at 8:37 pace
It was really tough dropping back from the half marathon to the 5 miler. At least there was a 5 mile option though! I wondered if last Sunday I had simply had an off-day but figured it was best to be safe and not push myself.
But on Sunday morning, with the very cold temperatures, I was happy with my decision. I wanted to be outside for as little time as possible! Mike ran with me for the first few miles before the half marathoners split off. He even slowed down his pace to run with me at a slower pace. Even though the first few miles were very congested, I don’t think I could have run my normal race pace anyway! I felt great the last few miles and wished I had a few more miles to run. Eight would have been ideal.
So after I finished and after resting for a bit, I decided to run on sidewalks to try to find Mike and finish the last mile or so with him.
We hung out with our friends at the post-race party for a bit. Side note: the shirts for this race were great – Next Level fitted super-soft red tees – and runners got two free beers after the race. Although no beer for me. It was far too cold anyway!

Pre-race - unusually chilly morning!

Pre-race – unusually chilly morning!


Thursday, Oct. 22
6 weeks
Runologie Run Club
2.14 miles at 8:45 pace
We tried returning to Runologie which was a struggle for me. The nausea had started to kick in full-force. I had read some running bloggers describe running as helping them deal with nausea. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if that happened for me? Negative. It required all of my energy to simply get going. My pace wasn’t bad but I only ran 2.14 miles and it felt like 10. Ok, my body was telling me to take a break and rest, which I did for a few weeks while the nausea and fatigue were pretty bad.

Sunday, Nov. 8
9 weeks
Running in Florida
5 miles at 9:32 pace
If the weather was in the 80’s and sunny, and I could run at 10 am, maybe I would have run more the first trimester! Running in Florida after a few week hiatus felt great! I got out before it got too hot and before the nausea really set in around mid-afternoon. I felt like myself again while I was running!
I missed running with Mike but it was relaxing to run a bit slower and focus on my form. Goals help motivate me so I tried for 5 miles and was really proud of myself. I felt like I had turned a corner. I could do this. I did start feeling a bit nauseous toward the end and had to stop a few times during the run. I noticed I got out of breath much easier than before. But as long as I could run, I was happy!
I’m glad I had my Nathan hand-held water bottle and have brought it on every run (often finishing the entire bottle) since October.

Beautiful run in West Palm!

Beautiful run in West Palm!


Monday, Nov. 9
9 weeks
4 miles at 9:15 pace
Whoa was I sore from running 5 miles the day before! It’s amazing how much strength and endurance I lost in a short period of time. I wanted to get in another run because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to run much besides on weekends back in NC.
Our hotel has this delicious flavored ice water in the lobby – flavors change daily. Perfect after a hot run!

Delicious lemon water in hotel lobby

Delicious lemon water in hotel lobby


Sunday, Nov. 15
10 weeks
6 miles at 9:18 pace
I wanted to get in a 6 mile run on Raleigh hills prior to the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot.

Saturday, Nov. 21
11 weeks
4 miles at 9:11 pace
A shortish run the weekend before the Ridgewood Turkey Trot.

Thursday, Nov. 26
11 weeks
8K Ridgewood Turkey Trot – 9:25 pace
My parents and brother were in town for Thanksgiving so Matt and my dad also ran the turkey trot. This was Dad’s farthest race distance! Dad and I ran together which was a lot of fun! It also felt good to not finish a race exhausted! This is a great race that starts and ends at Whole Foods – read last year’s recap here.

Ridgewood Turkey Trot

Ridgewood Turkey Trot

Mom took a sneaker photo

Mom took a sneaker photo

Post race!

Post race!

Sunday, Nov. 29
12 weeks
Earned our shirts at Big Boss Run Club
4 miles at 9:42 pace
After 15 runs with Big Boss Run Club, you earn a Brooks brand run club tech tee! Although we hit 15 runs several weeks ago, we held out on claiming our shirts until they got new colors in. I love the bright blue color! Free t-shirts are a great source of motivation. Next up, a Big Boss Run Club mug after 25 runs!

Saturday, Dec. 5
13 weeks
5 mile run at 9:34 pace
When it’s sunny and mild in December, it’s hard not to want to get out for a run!

Sunday, Dec. 6
13 weeks
1 year Big Boss Anniversary
4 mile run at 9:31 pace
It’s been one year since our first Big Boss Run Club.

At Big Boss last December

At Big Boss last December

Saturday, Dec. 12
14 weeks
Durham 13.1 Race Fest
6 mile run at 9:43 pace
Mike’s brother was in town for the weekend so he signed up for half marathon and Mike ran the 10K as part of the Durham 13.1 Race Fest. I didn’t want to commit to any distance. Also, I’m very competitive and like “racing” in races, really pushing myself. I’ll resume races next year! Anyway, I ran my own run on sidewalks along most of the race route. It made me miss “racing” and was encouragement for me to stay in shape while pregnant so I’m able to get back to my pre-pregnancy shape sooner! It was a hilly course. Hills are suddenly much more difficult as I get out of breath much easier, so I broke them up with some walking.
I haven’t been feeling like chicken lately. But fried chicken on top of a sweet potato waffle was the perfect post-run food and actually helped motivate me during those tough hills!

Knowing I'd have chicken and waffles with mac and cheese after the 6 mile run was pretty motivating

Knowing I’d have chicken and waffles with mac and cheese after the 6 mile run was pretty motivating

*Disclaimer: Every woman’s pregnancy is different. This shouldn’t be taken as a running program for the first trimester. If pregnant, consult with your doctor on exercise that’s right for you.


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