Week 19 & Needing a Route Adjustment

Almost five months and halfway through! It’s amazing how time is flying.

Last Sunday, I realized running will be a lot different. I felt so much pressure on my bladder; it was pretty uncomfortable! And as I was running, thinking about the nearest bathroom, I realized there aren’t too many options on my current route. I need to reassess my running routes. Anyway, I ended up using the public restroom at the new Aloft hotel in downtown Raleigh. It’s right inside the front door, saving me from having to walk upstairs to the main lobby – so convenient!

I did some research to learn about other runners’ pregnancy experiences – motivating and encouraging. Here’s an interesting article from Runner’s World with Kara Goucher and Paula Radcliffe sharing their pregnancy running experiences. I can appreciate Paula’s comment on the pressure-free running. Sometimes I love not thinking about my pace or distance, just running whenever I feel like it and not feeling wiped out at the end of a run. But sometimes I miss really pushing myself, running fast and giving it all I’ve got. But I know that by staying in shape now and keeping up running, I’ll be in a better position after the baby is born to return to running.

6 mile run at 9:15 pace
A beautiful day for a run! I wore shorts and a long-sleeve; I actually could have worn a short-sleeve! But my long-sleeve was new and a source of motivation. I really wanted to wear it! Review coming soon.

I had planned on doing yoga but started to feel nauseous and really tired in the evening so nixed that idea.

P90X3 The Warrior
First time doing The Warrior in ages! I wanted a short workout – 30 minutes – and wanted to get in some cardio to take advantage of my high-ish energy levels. I was able to do most of The Warrior exercises, usually the modified versions. P90X3 workouts all show one person who performs modified versions of the exercises. For example, I eliminated the jumping in some exercises. I did what felt right and was pleased to have felt pretty good throughout! I like being able to pause and take water breaks, as well. The Warrior exercises work numerous muscle groups simultaneously so it’s an efficient use of 30 minutes!

P90X Arms
I felt a little nauseous in the afternoon so opted for the original P90X arms which didn’t require much cardio besides the warm-up. I planned on doing some abs afterwards but I didn’t feel up to it.

4 mile run at 9:50
Running in the evenings has always been a bit more difficult than running in the mornings. I usually feel more tired and sluggish. That was amplified on Thursday for Runologie’s run club. I’m glad we went but my pace was significantly lower than what it is on my solo weekend runs. That’s fine – I’m not trying to be speedy, but it wasn’t an easy run. I didn’t wear my watch so I didn’t know my pace until afterwards; Mike ran with me the whole time. 🙂


6 mile run at 9:07
Isn’t it amazing how the weather affects your workouts? I felt fantastic throughout the run and had pre-planned bathroom breaks to alleviate some anxiety – first one after 1.5 miles at Hampton Inn and the second at my turnaround point, the Aloft Hotel at 3 miles. Made it back home with no breaks! I’m trying to focus on my cadence up the hills to make them a bit easier – getting in a rhythm helps.


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  1. Wow Kathleen! So excited to hear that you’re able to keep up with your running while pregnant! You’re doing so great!

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