Week 24: Back at it (sort of) after a hiatus

My plan to document my workouts in hopes of providing motivation didn’t exactly work as I’d thought it would.

My first track run

My first track run

I am realizing that it’s hard to set a work out plan during pregnancy. This isn’t like marathon training. I’m listening to my body and not putting pressure on myself to exercise. If I don’t feel up to running or exercising, that’s okay.

Due to these reasons, I cut back significantly on running during the last five weeks:
– a persistent COLD. I could really only take Robitussin and was sick (sore throat to aches to cough to congestion and fatigue, etc.) for about three weeks.
– the COLD and ice. We’ve had some pretty cold-for-NC weather and I’m not a fan of cold weather running.
– FATIGUE. I’m not sure how much of it was due to my being sick or to pregnancy. Although I have more energy than the first trimester, I’m not where I once was and opt for rest when I feel run down. No reason to push myself.
– NAUSEA. I still occasionally get nauseous in the evenings. There’s no way I’m getting out the door on a run if I’m feeling sick.

In lieu of running, I’ve been rotating through P90X DVDs, modifying them if necessary. Some of my favorites include P90X Legs, P90X Arms, YogaX, P90X Kenpo and P90X3 Dynamix.

A couple of highlights from the last month:
My First Track Run
24 weeks
4.06 miles at 9:18 pace
Although often thought of as a great spot for speed workouts, tracks are also great for pregnant runners! The gym’s bathroom was conveniently right there and I could stop whenever I wanted, without being far from “home”. Also, the flat surface was a wonderful change from Raleigh hills. I’d never run on a track before and I found the monotony oddly relaxing. Plus, four times around the track to hit a mile didn’t seem so bad!

Stomach's getting bigger...

Stomach’s getting bigger…

Greenway Run (no bathroom breaks – eek!)
25 weeks
3.21 miles at 9:51 pace
I’ve been averaging a bathroom break every 1.5/2 miles. It’s pretty annoying. When Mike and I planned to go to Big Boss Run Club on a beautiful 70 degree Sunday, I didn’t even think of the lack of bathrooms on the Greenway trails. Since we’re doing a 5K in a few weeks, I don’t want to get in the habit of stopping every 1.5 miles. Mike and I ran together and, though the last half a mile was a bit hard, I made it without any stops.
Post-run pretzel at Flying Saucer. Things have changed a bit - pink lemonade for me!

Post-run pretzel at Flying Saucer. Things have changed a bit – pink lemonade for me!

I’m happy that I’ve kept my pace between 9:00 and 10:00 minute miles and that I’m still able to run. I’ll probably still to shorter distances (1-5 miles) now and continue to integrate strength training and stretching.


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  1. You’re doing so great! I’m sure lots of women are finding your workout journey through pregnancy very helpful!

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