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It’s been awhile!

My last run was the Chick-fil-A Races Series: Ella’s 5K on March 19th when I was 28 weeks pregnant. I didn’t plan on that being my last run. I felt really good during and after the 5K with my run/walk combination. So what happened? I don’t really know. The weather wasn’t great the following week and I just didn’t feel like running again. So I stopped.

Ella's Run 5K at 27 weeks pregnant

Ella’s Run 5K at 28 weeks pregnant

Running changed for me. It was no longer as enjoyable as it once was. The bladder pressure and lack of lung capacity probably did me in. So I picked up power walking. I even wore my Garmin for many of my walks. I’d try to do negative splits for my walks (second half faster than first half of walk). After awhile, I dropped the “power,” left the Garmin at home and stuck with plain old walking. Now at week 38, I’ve tried to keep up walking 2-5 miles a few times a week, along with strength training (P90X arms, P90X legs) and yoga (YogaX and prenatal yoga). Especially over the last month, I’ve found prenatal yoga absolutely wonderful. We do strengthening poses, stretching, poses for labor and prepping, relaxation and work on breathing techniques. It’s nice to be around women who are in the exact same situation, as well.
Wearing Lululemon Run Swiftly tee during run - 25 weeks pregnant

Wearing Lululemon Run Swiftly tee during run – 25 weeks pregnant

Being used to having a schedule, letting that go was hard for me. Things can change daily when you’re pregnant. I’ve had to really listen to my body, be flexible and not put pressure on myself. Days I felt like resting, I rested and didn’t feel bad about it. This is probably good training for when our baby arrives and flexibility will be essential.

I thought I would miss running more. I did miss doing a spring half marathon – something felt like it was missing from my spring! I also missed run clubs, long runs with Mike (subbed those with long walks with Mike) and springtime evening runs when the days got longer. But I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Running will always be there. And we have our BOB Ironman stroller ready to go for our future family runs!

35 weeks pregnant - Love the stretch and length with the Lululemon Run Swiftly tee!

35 weeks pregnant – Love the stretch and length with the Lululemon Run Swiftly tee!

Looking back, time feels like it has flown by! Don’t get me wrong, there were moments, especially 16 weeks and earlier, that felt like they were dragging. I’m lucky to have had a pretty great pregnancy.

Working out or not, I wore most of my running and exercise clothes throughout my pregnancy (it’s odd to start talking about pregnancy in the past tense!). Around week 26, I had to pack away my Nike and Brooks tech tees. It’ll be fun to pull those out again soon!
Here’s what made it through the 38 weeks with me:
Lululemon Run Swiftly tees (long and short sleeve) – long and stretchy!
Nike Rival Shorts 4″ – thick, stretchy yoga style waistband
Lululemon Run Times shorts – thick, stretchy yoga style waistband
Lululemon Power Y tank – pretty long and stretchy; I could wear until about week 35
Orange Nike tank (no longer being made) – long, stretchy
Lululemon Align Pants – So comfortable! I bought these during my pregnancy. I was looking for an alternative to my Groove pants and the Lululemon store manager, who was pregnant, recommended these. With a wide roll down waistband, you can wear above (earlier in pregnancy) or below your belly. They are flattering and literally the softest pants I’ve ever owned. I imagine I’ll be wearing these often during maternity leave, as well! The reviews aren’t great for these pants due to their pilling in the wash, but so far, after several washings, mine have no pilling.

Lastly, the Snoogle body pillow is marketed to pregnant women, but I really wish I had this during marathon training! With its C shape, the pillow helps align your spine, supports your back and relieves hip pressure. I will definitely be using this during my next marathon training!

So what’s next? Mike and I are signed up for the Dulles Runway 10K in mid-September (I can always drop back to the 5K). We’d also like to do a half marathon in November. I think that’s a reasonable goal. However, this whole experience has taught me to be flexible and adaptable. We’ll see what happens! Our lives are going to change pretty drastically pretty soon. And running will always be there. šŸ™‚

38 weeks - home stretch (Lululemon run swiftly and Align pants)

38 weeks – home stretch (Lululemon run swiftly and Align pants)


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  1. Wishing you well on y’all’s new adventure as parents! Yes, running “will always be there.”

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