Monthly Archives: March 2017

One Week Until the Raleigh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Only one more week. Hard to believe. I’m feeling semi-confident. I know I’ll be able to finish¬†but it’s going to be a challenge. During training, the farthest I have run is 10 miles (in flat Florida), and 13.1 miles on Raleigh’s hilly roads seems daunting right now. I had a good run this weekend! I’m […]

Three Weeks Until Raleigh RNR Half Marathon

I’m not working off much of a training plan anymore. I’m still trying to get in the long weekend run while doing what I can during the week. With limited time (and energy!) sometimes I struggle with whether¬†it’s best to get mileage in during the week, focus on strength training, do yoga or simply rest […]