Three Weeks Until Raleigh RNR Half Marathon

I’m not working off much of a training plan anymore. I’m still trying to get in the long weekend run while doing what I can during the week. With limited time (and energy!) sometimes I struggle with whether it’s best to get mileage in during the week, focus on strength training, do yoga or simply rest and take time off.

The good news is I do think I’m mentally ready. I also got in P90X YogaX last week and the week before. That makes a world of difference for my tight calves and all muscles, in general.

It’s hard to believe the half marathon is only three weeks away. I don’t feel as prepared physically as I would like to feel at this point. But I’ll be able to do it! Completing this half marathon will be a different sort of accomplishment than the half marathons I’ve run previously. It’s a whole new challenge – running while being a mom! Mike and I don’t have the free time we used to, aren’t getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and are battling colds more frequently. I wouldn’t trade the now for anything and am grateful to still be able to run and train for a half!

Tuesday, February 28: P90X YogaX  I woke up early for the first time in awhile (usually I choose extra sleep over exercising). I went to bed extra early the night before in anticipation of getting up earlier to do yoga. And William has been sleeping pretty well, usually waking up once for a quick feeding. I remember why I used to prefer exercising in the morning – such a great way to start the day. I’d like to continue once a week early morning yoga and maybe start doing my runs in the morning, as well, once the weather warms up.

Saturday, March 4: 10 mile run at 7:59 pace  The training plan I’m loosely following called for 8 miles. But having missed both runs during the week, I decided to increase the distance if I felt up to it. I felt great during this run and felt like I could keep going. The lack of hills is always a nice change from Raleigh! It was strange at first to run the same Singer Island route we always run – the memories from last year came flooding back. One of my first runs while pregnant was on the Singer Island route. I remember feeling like myself again on the run last year since I’d been battling nausea for weeks. Amazing what life can bring in just a year!IMG_4526

Monday, March 6: P90X YogaX and foam rolling  Whoa my calves were tight from Saturday’s run! To be expected. I did yoga in our hotel room (have the dvd memorized) and went to the gym for more stretching and foam rolling. As crazy as it sounds, I actually like the pain from foam rolling. It makes me feel like it’s really working and I really need it!

Tuesday, March 7: 3 miles at 8:39 pace  Amazing how a 3 mile run can feel much much harder than a 10 mile run just a couple of days before. The night before I had started to feel achy, like a cold was coming on (it was – I took the rest of the week off from running). And this run confirmed I needed to take some time off. Mike and I ran together and planned to run 4 miles. I could barely do the three and needed to stop about four times. Not great. So now making rest the priority.


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