One Week Until the Raleigh Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon

Only one more week. Hard to believe. I’m feeling semi-confident. I know I’ll be able to finish but it’s going to be a challenge. During training, the farthest I have run is 10 miles (in flat Florida), and 13.1 miles on Raleigh’s hilly roads seems daunting right now.

I had a good run this weekend! I’m VERY loosely following a Hal Higdon plan. Last week I was supposed to run 9 miles but I ran the Chick-fil-A 10k (6.2 miles) instead. This week called for 10 miles which I wouldn’t do the week before the half – that seems like a lot! I ran 8 miles instead. So my “long” runs have been on the shorter side. Also, without incorporating cross training or yoga weekly, I can feel that my body isn’t as strong as it typically is around race time. But I’ve done my best given the challenges of training as a new mom! My goal is to finish in under 2 hours. I get a lot of energy from the race atmosphere and crowd support – hoping that will help push me through those 13 miles!

This week I plan to do a short run, some yoga stretches and make a new playlist for race day!

Recap of the last two weeks below:

Saturday, March 18: 6.3 miles at 8:42 pace – Ella’s Race Chick-fil-A race series 10K                

I hadn’t run in a week in a half so was glad my body remembered how to run 🙂  I don’t think I can really do a full race recap because we arrived just before race start and left right after (it was raining…). But be sure to check out my review of the race from last year!


pre-race selfie

Last year I ran the 5K 28 weeks pregnant. I remember running down the hills and walking up them – it’s a hilly course! The 10K was challenging, especially pushing William in the BOB stroller. Unfortunately, the sky opened up about half a mile into the course and it poured for the majority of the race. I even stopped and walked a few times which I HATE to do during races.  William fell asleep almost immediately and slept until mile 5 and then chatted and pointed for the last 1.2 miles.


Blurry photo of post-race Chick-fil-A sandwiches in the rain

We’ll continue to make this an annual tradition. The race is very well run and fun! From easy packet pickup at Fleet Feet or Chick-fil-A the day before (no lines) to the festive race atmosphere and free Chick-fil-A afterwards – and of course the fact that the funds raise go to support pediatric research for brain cancer. We did miss the cows lining the course this year – only a few came out because of the rainy weather.


My running buddy!

We didn’t stay for the awards ceremony. It takes a long time (I remember this from last year) for the awards ceremony to get going. But Mike got first in his age group, and I came in third in my age group! I picked up our awards later in the week at Chick-fil-A. Mike got a $20 gift card to Fleet Feet and we both got cute cow bells that will come in handy for race spectating!


Some random items in the packet pick-up bag: shampoo, body lotions, bandaids, two coozies and a screen cloth (my favorite)


This year’s shirt – wish it were gender specific but nice that it’s dri-fit


Our prize for placing in our age groups

Tuesday, March 21: 4 miles at 8:29 pace

Spring has arrived in Raleigh! My legs felt tired even several days after the Chick-fil-A 10K. Made me a little nervous for the half marathon…IMG_5004

Saturday, March 25: 8 miles at 7:57 pace 

A great Saturday run! If you’ve read my blog for awhile, you may know that I have IBS and am very particular with what I can eat before running. Well, Mike and I have discovered Kodiak Power Cake pancakes. With 14 grams of protein per serving, four little pancakes really provide so much energy. I ran these miles a couple hours after breakfast and was still able to push hard the last mile (see splits below). I’ve experienced a similar run every time I’ve had Kodiak Power Cakes beforehand. I know…big endorsement. But it’s true. And I experience zero stomach issues during or after my run! I’m seriously thinking of making pancakes at 5 am on Saturday before the race.


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  1. David Kruczlnicki · · Reply

    Thanks for the blog. Really enjoyed reading about the Ckick-Fil-A race, and loved the pictures!

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